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BiH Grand Rapids adds Aldony Mendez to the 2019 Roster

Published Jan 14, 2019

BiH Grand Rapids adds Aldony Mendez to the 2019 Roster

Grand Rapids, MI – As the 2019 season approaches, BiH Grand Rapids has released another player that will be joining the team. Aldony Mendez has been signed for the upcoming season and BiH Grand Rapids could not be more excited to have him. Throughout his soccer career Mendez has earned all-state, among many other accomplishments. Prior to joining BiH GR, Mendez played for the Muskegon Risers.

George Moni, the head coach of the league stated, “I’m very happy to have Aldony join our BiH Grand Rapids Team. He is a player that brings a lot of skill and experience in our attacking side. I have had the opportunity to work with Aldony before, and I would say that his goal scoring ability is outstanding. He brings a great finishing mastery that is extremely important in our team’s success”. He further commented, “Aldony is someone that not only scores but can create a lot of scoring opportunities due to his high intelligence and ball distribution. He believes in the team and will work tirelessly to win games. Welcome to the team Aldony!”.

When asked about how he felt about joining the club he said, “I’m honored to play for BiH GR. We will work hard to go far in the league as a team and make history”. The owners of BiH GR stated, “We are really excited to sign Aldony. He has played indoor soccer with us for years and fits really well with our style of play. He is one of the best players in the area and we can’t wait to see him in our colors”.

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