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BiH Grand Rapids to partner with Inna Kova Photography for 2019 season

Published Jan 30, 2019

BiH Grand Rapids to partner with Inna Kova Photography for 2019 season

Grand Rapids, MI – BiH GR is excited to work with Eldina Kovacevic, the owner of Inna Kova Photography, and announce her as their team photographer for the 2019 season. Eldina is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan and is a self-taught photographer. She started pursuing photography in 2016 and began her business shortly after that. Her work has been featured on several notable social media pages and has also partnered with various local photographers and businesses. She specifically specializes in weddings and lifestyle photography and is also available to travel worldwide.

Eldina is thrilled to be the team photographer for BiH GR and work with them on growing their club during their first season. “I am so happy to work with BiH GR! I really think that this team can bring something good to the community and I’m so proud of the guys and what they have accomplished so far. I typically photograph weddings and couples, so I am definitely excited to photograph the games and capture something a bit different. I am excited for the season to officially start and excited to get to know the fans. As you see me walking around, don’t hesitate to stop to introduce yourself and have your picture taken”.

BiH owners admire Eldina’s passion and dedication to her client’s and stated this is one of the reasons why they wanted her to be their team photographer. “We are beyond excited to announce our team photographer for the 2019 season, the wonderful Inna Kova Photography. In recent years, Eldina has grown her business into one of the most in demand photographers in the state. Her excellent work and dedication to make her customers happy, is what makes us really admire her and want to work with her. She goes out of her way to make sure all the pictures are impeccable and on time. If you haven’t had a chance yet, make sure everyone books a sessions ASAP. We promise to follow in her example and build a successful team that all of our fans will love”.

Information and booking inquiries for Eldina can be found on her website at and by following her work on social media via Instagram (@innakovaphotography) and Facebook (

Information on becoming a sponsor can be found on BiH GR’s website at or by contacting Zukic Elmedin at or Karen Muni Macy at